Art Success!!


Congratulations to the following students who won awards at the SWCL Art Competition Saturday.


1st place transparent painting – Emily Mendenhall 7th grade

1st place opaque painting – Audra Addison 7th grade

1st place colored drawing – Daltin Karr 6th grade

2nd place printmaking – Aleeyah Folsom 4th grade

2nd place printmaking – Abby Overholt 5th grade

2nd place opaque painting – Mason Wilson 6th grade

2nd place group project – names listed below 6th-8th grades

3rd place printmaking – Geana Marcum 8th grade

3rd place sculpture – Megan Tuttle 8th grade

3rd place printmaking – Harper Little 5th grade

3rd place colored drawing – Cara Brown 5th grade

3rd place opaque painting – Jacob Swartz 4th grade

3rd place group project – Skyler Smith, Blake Wright, Carter Minich 4th grade

Honorable Mention mixed media- Madalyn Ernst 4th grade

Honorable Mention colored drawing – Whitney Carter 6th grade

Honorable Mention printmaking – Alathia Keith 7th grade

 2nd place group project – Erin Jones, Audrey Wilson, Jakob Partee, Kelsey McAmis, Corrie Carnahan, Colton Rice, Kelsie Williams, Mark Christoffer, Brittney Cunningham, Taylor Baldwin, Kelly Lee, Jonah Young, Dalton Wheatley, Dakota Lems, Raina Meyer, Brinnae Cooper

One thought on “Art Success!!

  1. Congrats to all of the students! All of the artwork was wonderful! Clever Middle School was represented well!

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